Lesson 1, Topic 1

How to Read the Career Suggestions Page

Tracy Stegall April 19, 2024

The IndigoPathway Career Suggestions provides a list of best-fit careers based on your results. This list is not all-inclusive but is intended to be a starting point to explore different industries and career options.

Please note that if you don’t see a career you are interested in, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue it. Once you have a better understanding of yourself you can determine what is a good fit for you!

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Careers are organized by industry. You can learn more about each industry by clicking on the Industry Insider Tips button on the right of the purple bars.  The industry “Manufacturing” has been used as an example in the screenshots below.

The career section with an arrow indicating the Industry Insider page.

On the Industry Insider page, you will find information about the industry and resources to explore more. Midway down the page is a button to view example training programs specific to that industry.

Top of an Industry Insider page.
Bottom of an Industry Insights page.


Learn more about each career by clicking the arrow on the far right.

Arrow showing where to click to expand career information.

The expanded career information includes your personal match level, average salary, tips, and currently listed jobs.

Screenshot of an expanded career description with numbers corresponding to the descriptions on this page.

  1. See the name of the career at the top.
  2. You can rate each career suggestion at the top right. Click the thumbs up icon to move the career to the Favorites section at the top of the industry list. Click the thumbs down icon to move the career listing to the Archive section at the bottom.
  3. The Match Level meter shows how well the career fits you based on your IndigoPathway results.
  4. The national average salary is in the center. Salary may vary significantly based on specific location, experience, and other factors.
  5. The O*NET job description has a summary of the job responsibilities and a link to learn more.
  6. The Top Tips section includes minimum education requirements and other information. Use the buttons to access the Industry Insider page or view educational programs in the IndigoPathway database.
  7. At the bottom of the section is a sampling of currently posted jobs in this field on ZipRecruiter. Filter these postings by location, distance, and date.

College Majors

One of the Career Suggestions sections lists college majors based on your DISC and Motivator traits.  Pay attention to this section if you are interested in continuing your education in a college/university setting. 

The College Majors section on the Career Suggestions page.