Lesson 1, Topic 1

Exploring the Colorado Career Advising Tool: How to Read the Motivator Page

Tracy Stegall April 19, 2024

To interpret your results you will need to understand how to read the Motivator graphic.

The Motivator Graphic

Your IndigoPathway results display your Motivator scores on the What Motivates You tab, ranking relative passion for each of the six Motivators.

Your Motivators are ranked in order left to right from most important to least important. The Motivator result is listed as a percentage below each graphic.

You can score from 0% (not a Motivator for you at all) to 100% (a passionate Motivator). Any score over 50% is considered an area where you find personal fulfillment.

A screenshot of the Motivator results graphic.

Notice where your scores are particularly high or low. This reveals areas where your Motivators may lead to passion or conflict. The higher the percentage, the more you may feel passionate about that Motivator. Generally, the first two Motivators are the most important to you although any Motivator over 50% may be a driving force in your life. When choosing careers and jobs, look for jobs and companies that share these same Motivators.

Passionate Motivator scores, percentages over 80, contribute to the defining characteristics of a person. If you have passionate scores, think about how these Motivators stand out in your life and how you can use your passion in practical ways.

Anything under 50% is not considered a key Motivator. Bottom Motivators or demotivators with results under 20%, should be avoided in work cultures as these can be disengaging and stressful for you. What turns you u201coffu201d is just as valuable to note as what inspires you. This explains why certain people are resistant to certain activities or donu2019t connect with people who have different Motivators.