Lesson 1, Topic 1

EXPLORE: How to Take the Colorado Career Advising Survey

Tracy Stegall April 19, 2024

Using a short survey, Indigo helps you discover your unique behaviors and motivations. The survey takes about 10 minutes and must be completed in one sitting. It is not a test; there are no right or wrong answers. You can use the information in your report when working in teams, making choices about your future, and applying for colleges, internships, or jobs.

There are three scenarios for taking the survey:

    1. You already took the survey – If you already took the IndigoPathway survey, please log in to your results and skip to the next section of the course.
    2. You haven’t taken the survey and have a custom link – If you are taking this course through a school or organization, they will give you a custom link to take the survey. Please use that link to take the survey. Note: If you have a custom link, please do not use the general link on the IndigoPathway website or you may not get credit for taking it.
    3. You haven’t taken the survey and don’t have a custom link – Watch the video below and take the survey here.

Please return to this course when you are finished. You will need access to your survey results to complete the course.