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EXPLORE: Understanding the Colorado Career Advising Tool- Career Suggestions

Tracy Stegall April 19, 2024

In this section you will explore the Career Suggestions tab, whichu00a0is all about providing you with personalized career recommendations based on your behaviors and Motivators. At Indigo, we strongly believe that finding a job that truly suits YOU will lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding career journey.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • The list of career suggestions provided is not exhaustive. It’s just a starting point to get you thinking about potential career paths.u00a0 If you have a specific job in mind that isn’t listed here, don’t worry! It doesn’t mean you’re not a good fit. Take advantage of the self-awareness you’ve gained from the IndigoPathway survey to evaluate how well the job aligns with your strengths and interests.
  • Remember, the world is constantly evolving, and new jobs are emerging with advancements in technology and creativity. In many cases, you have the opportunity to create and design your own unique career path!

Remember to keep an open mind, consider your individual traits, and embrace the possibilities that await you.